Blender Manual 2

Exploration, understanding and continued learning are baked into the concept for Blender Manual 2. Visualized as an atlas, users explore “Planet Blender.” Each continent of the planet describes a specific part of the 3D modeling software.

roles:  concept development  •  creative direction  •  design  •  illustration


For this second Blender manual, I wanted to come up with a visual concept that would not intimidate. Something that would draw you in, not push you away. Exciting and in full color. That is how the idea to imagine Blender as a planet in a vast 3D universe came to fruition.

The idea for an atlas was born, and it felt like a great metaphor. Learning 3D is similar to exploring new parts of an unknown world. It opens up limitless possibilities.

I love the details found in an atlas, and I made sure that some of those elements were represented in the manual. There is the Planet Blender map itself with fictional continents. Each continent represents a chapter in the book and has its own flag. The flags were created in both 2D and 3D. The flags are decorative, but also function throughout the manual as icons; signage to pinpoint the locations on the planet so that users don’t lose their way.


After purchase of the software, users were sent a digital software key that we illustrated. 


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